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2024 Coaching Staff: 

  • Katie Gaffney- President

    • CRTC Coach since 2019

    • USATF Level 1 Certified 

  • Stephanie Cory- Treasurer

    • (Former President)

    • USATF Level 1 Certified 

    • Been involved with the club since 2011

  • Ryan Scheckel-Distance and Field Events

    • CRTC Coach since 2017

    • Level 1

    • Level II Endurance

    • Level II Jumps

    • Instructor Training 

  • Conner Christophersen: Head Coach +  Sprints

  • Erik Hite- Sprints

  • Pat McDonald- Sprints and Field Events

  • Craig Goldsmith- Distance

  • Jordan Witmer- Distance

    • USATF Level 1 Certified 

  • Emily Thole- Sprinters and Beginner Group

  • Matt Garms- Shot/Disc

  • Ben Brannaman - Sprints 

  • Jazz Parlet- Beginner Group + Long Jump

  • Jordan Meyer- Beginner Group

Practice Location:

4545 Wenig RD NE

Cedar Rapids, IA  52402




Have Questions?

Assistant Coaches Wanted

We are always looking for people willing to be an assistant coach.  This means you will come to practice on a regular basis and help supervise athletes and run workouts that are written by the head coaching staff.  Please contact us at if you have more questions or would like to help out this season.

Success! Message received.

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